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LFG Page added

tesbadmin, Mar 20, 12 6:02 PM.
If you would like a group to be arranged for a task of your liking - world boss, heroic quest, bonus quest series, etc...

Head to the LFG page on the site and submit a request. If your request becomes popluar then it may just end up on the Calendar as a scheduled event!

** the two listings displayed on the LFG page, submitted by gooboberti, are just test samples - so you can see what it looks like when complete

Ilum OPS added to Calendar

tesbadmin, Mar 20, 12 12:28 PM.
Weekly Ilum OPS added to Calendar, check it out and sign up if you're level 50.

Update your character information

tesbadmin, Mar 20, 12 11:53 AM.
All site members are required to update their character information via the Roster link at the top of the page. Simply select your current level, your primary and advanced class and keep your level up to date. This assists with party creation and future planning.

(Also when you have time, check out the resource page and add your crewskill and current skill level to the listing)


Vent Server is up and running!

tesbadmin, Mar 20, 12 11:51 AM.
Hey everyone! Just got a 50 man vent server for all of our pub killin needs. DO NOT SHARE PASSWORD! If you are in a pug party and would like to use voice features to communicate between members, ask them if they want in the guild. We have had issues in the past with a certain former Guild member somehow disabling our vent server.

All site members will be provided the Vent server password via their website mail (see mail link at top of page). Do not abuse this privilege.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

tesbadmin, Mar 18, 12 10:21 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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